Hi, my name is ภควัต นาควิจิตร; Pakawat Nakwijit (please call me TK).

I'm currently a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Matthew Purver at Queen Mary University of London (start in September 2020).

I'm interested in Natural Language Processing and its applications in Thai langauge 🇹🇭. Currently, I'm working on how to leverage the pre-trained language models that mostly trained with English for solving downstream tasks in Thai. Moreover, I'm also interested in Mathematics, and Philosophy in general.

Before that, I worked as a web developer in a small company named Maxile co. ltd. I developed various kinds of website: an online magazine, an data-intensive site used to collecte TBs of data and generate hundreds of reports and also a mobile application based on web technology.

In my spare time, I play a lot of boardgames [[BGG account]] and enjoy sharing my passion through my own blog (mostly written in Thai 🇹🇭).

  • Juan Ye, Pakawat Nakwijit, Martin Schiemer, Saurav Jha, and Franco Zambonelli (2020). Continual Activity Recognition with Generative Adversarial Networks, ACM Transactions on Internet of Things, 2020.
  • Pakawat Nakwijit, and Paruj Ratanaworabhan (2015). A parser generator using the Grammar Flow Graph. In 2015 International Computer Science and Engineering Conference (ICSEC). IEEE.
More about me
  • Cat slave 😾😾😹😾😾😹
  • Big fan of The Big Bang Theory
  • Boardgame enthusiasts