Pi Walk

Inspired by @jeffthompson_

What is it?

It is called "PI walk"; a visual representation of pi created by John Venn in his book -- The Logic of Chance, 1888. Each step in the walk corresponds to the next digit of Pi. The number 0-9 is represented by the direction of the movement but the same distance;

Pi as approximately 3.14 or 22/7 but now we all know that it is an irrational number, a number continues forever without any repeating pattern.

" We should also say that the longer we continued to produce such a line the more pronounced would these tendencies become. -- John Venn, The Logic of Chance, p.126 "

One related question is that does it has a secret pattern in the walk? or do all sequences of possible digits is equally likely to appear here? It looks random but technically we still don’t sure that whether it is really random or not. It still be a mathematical mystery.

What I leaned