Now, I’m a software developer. I love computer since I was young.

I remember that I had my first computer when I was ten years old. It was a reward for my grade in that time. I am quite sure that I was very excited about it. I could spend a whole day in front of it, try to draw a funny Monalisa on the beach or play Minesweeper without knowing how to play.

Many of my friends told me that game change their perspective of life. They want to study computer because of their dreams that want to build their own games. It is not true for me. Although I had a computer since I was a kid, It did not have high-speed internet access because It was very expensive. So, I hardly ever played an online game even I want to. Another reason why I did not often play games on the computer because my computer is too slow. It worked well only with paint, MS word, and music player.

The important thing that changes me is programming. In my high school, I had a few classes in basic computer programming. It was my first time to program and It was amazing that you able to draw a bicycle or shut down your friend’s computer with only a few lines of code.

In the beginning, I just like programming. However, there was a friend, Nut Ruanpech, who seemed to like it a lot. He got an academic camp about computer and won in many programming competitions. In one day, He challenged me with a simple question “Can you program to check whether a number is prime or not?”. It was very hard to me at that time. I spent whole night thinking about that. It seemed to be failed and I almost gave up until Nut gave me a tiny hint that helped me a lot to solve that problem.

The Moment after that challenge was solved was incredible that I have not imagined before. I did not ever think that I have potential to solve a very hard problem like this even if I know it later that it was a very easy one. After that, I have been crazy about it. I started to challenge myself with a lot of new programming problem. It is fun. I admit that Nut changes my life. He takes me to be Computer Engineering. Thank you.

PS. This is my very beginning in English blog. If you find any mistakes, please let me know.