I am a cat slave. I have very close relationship with my cat since childhood.

Cats are pretty tiny animals which are not useful, unlike dogs. Those people who are cat slaves have often said, “Cats can help us to catch mouses and keep our house safe”. It is not true. Our cats are really lazy and do nothing except eat and sleep. However, Taking care of cats is not a useless at all because they always give us remarkable memories that you have not seen before. They are smart, elegant and self-centered but they never harm us. Cats help me get through the tough times by their soft fur.

Yumyim is my best friend who has striped fur and four white socks. He looked like a tuxedo man when I saw him for the first time. Originally, my father named him Yum. I do not surely know why he gave him that name. Perhaps because of his vocal or his personality. However, we have to change his name because his vets did not allow us to use that name. They needed a full name for our cat. Why? After that, we changed his name to “Yumyim”

In fact, Yumyim was my uncle’s cat. He brought him from the barber shop near his home. The first time I met him, he was an attractive and outstanding cat because of his intelligent. Every time we call him, he will turn and start to recognize that we are talking about him. At first, he seemed to actively explore the house and diligently catch mouses. Shortly thereafter, he became fatter and fatter. My neighborhood often asked me, “Is he pregnant?” Even if that He cannot be pregnant.

Yumyim have very sensitive ears especially on the sound of his meal box. When he took a walk outside for a long time, we would shake his box and he would be running quickly to our kitchen and waiting for his delicious meal. Ohhhh~ smart guy. We grew up together and experienced so many memorable moments together. If one day I wake up and find that he become a human, he will say to me, “I know all of your secrets. I will control you. LOL”. Although he was gone, Our memories will remain in my mind forever.

Some days, I sat on a sofa in my house. He walked up to me and slept on my lap. We sat there for hours. It was quiet and restful. I yearn for that time again.